Protect your company, products, services and/or family assets.
Keep unscrupulous competitors away from your market.
Maintain control over what is rightfully yours.
"ROGEE COPYRIGHTS" is a solution limited to businesses using ROGEE® Internet products and services (e.g. DealerSERVE, HollywoodSERVE, RogeeCVM, KoooDooo, iBizVo, TrcSEM, STAFF WEB PAGE...).

We help your company maintain control over your brand on the Internet by monitoring Search Engines, Website Directories and other Portals where your brand is marketed. "ROGEE COPYRIGHTS" also provides "Trademark" registration, "Domain Name" protection, and "Website Content" tracking so as to keep competitors from creating market confusions that can deceive consumers and/or negatively hurt your company, products, services and/or your family.

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